The Eu-SPRI Forum seeks to engage directly with policy makers and to strengthen the interface with other scientific disciplines.

In 2021 a new stakeholder advisory board was created to help fulfil this mission. The Executive Committee of the Forum holds regular meetings with the strategic advisory board and at the annual conference each year there is a special strategic advisory board session where members of the Forum can engage with the members of the advisory board in lively discussion of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy topics. 

Working with the Executive Committee and in interactions with Forum members the stakeholder advisory board will provide advice, based on the latest policy developments, on the strategic direction of Eu-SPRI.  Board members will act as ambassadors of Eu-SPRI, promoting the work of the Forum and its events. This will strengthen the interface between Eu-SPRI researchers and the policy – making community. The advisory board members are working with the executive committee to develop a range of initiatives that will promote opportunities for collaboration between researchers, policy makers and stakeholders so that research is anchored in policy needs and conducted within policy activities.

Our Stakeholder Advisory Board members are:

Philippe Larrue, policy analyst at the Science and Technology Policy Division, OECD



Christian Naczinsky, Head of Department EU & OECD Research Policy, Austrian Ministry of Education, Science & Research



Tatiana Fernandez Sirera, Head of Economic Promotion at the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance



Antti Pelkonen, Science Specialist at Prime Minister’s Office



Sylvia Schwaag Serger, Professor Lund University